Alaunt (A graphic about different types of Alaunts.)

alaunt-dog-types.jpgThe dogs of the Alani people were undoubtedly a strong, ferocious guardian against the wolf and a dog of war. Belonging to a people of a nomadic herding and warrior culture left little chance of them being anything else. This dog was used by the Alans for the same functions over many many centuries, setting a very definite type that bred true to type. Never having been a breed as the world knows them today, the Alaunt existed as a type that bred true and continues to do so in the modern dogs of the Caucus Mountains, the ancient and modern home of the Alans, known today as the Ossetians in Caucasus (Georgia). The Alaunt as a term is no longer in use to describe this very ancient type of dog, and as such, the term may be considered extinct. The type, however, remains in the modern dogs now known as the North Caucasian Volkodav, Georgian Mountain Dog and Central Asian Volkodav. Later in Europe these dogs were mixed with gripping dogs of Celtic origin. Probably these dogs didn´t have much „Alani“ blood anymore as their main function was the one of a hunting dog that used to hold large game, with that said the Eurpean Alaunt types were more influenced by Celtic „Beisser-blood“.

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